Nanodevices and memristors - Neuromorphic Computing with imperfect devices
14/12/2012 14:00 | Durée 00:39:20

Intervenants : Damien Querlioz , IEF, Univ; Paris-SUD, CNRS UMR 8622, France .  

Nanodevices provide fantastic opportunities for electronics, as they can be fast, low power and provide novel functions like memristivity. They however come with challenges, like variability and unpredictability, which can be intrinsic features due to their small sizes. The brain can be an inspiration to exploit such nanodevices, since it itself relies on variable and partly unpredictable nanodevices. This talk will present different joint works between groups in the Orsay/Saclay area and Grenoble, where we propose to use memristive nanodevices in a way analogous to the brain’s synapses. We address specifically how such approaches can be tolerant to devices’ imperfections, and in some cases, can even benefit from them. All these works illustrate how diverse neuromorphic approaches may be adapted to different memristive technology, and suggest their high potential.