Consommation durable : une proposition au coeur des enjeux climatiques, environnementaux et économiques
20/04/2012 14:00 | Durée 01:52:16

Intervenants : Eric Ponthieu , Communauté Européenne, Directeur de l’unité : European Economic and Social Committee Directorate for Consultative Work B Unit "Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society" .  

Mitigation of climate change means that CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced in the long term (i.e. 2050). This implies a substantial reforming of the entire production and consumption pattern in order to decouple economic growth and carbon emissions. This transition to a low carbon economy will be a costly process requiring not only technological efforts but also profound organisational and cultural changes. The predominating model to achieve such a transformation, often referred as green growth, risks falling short because of its insufficient focus on the demand-side of the economy. Conversely, the model of sustainable consumption seems to be more suited for meeting 2050 climate objectives (i.e. -80-95% GHG emissions below 1990 level). The two models will be briefly compared and a special emphasis will be placed on outlining the model of sustainable consumption.