Cigre and Trends in Power Electronics for the Grid
03/09/2013 13:00 | Durée 00:20:55

Intervenants : Bjarne Andersen , CIGRE - United Kingdom .  

Cigre is an international organisation which focuses on all aspects of power generation and delivery. Cigre is open for membership for engineers, practitioners and others interested in this technology, its application, and its impact on economics and the environment This paper provides a brief description of Cigre. Cigre’s work is directed by the Technical Committee, which directs 16 different study committees, which each has a number of Working Group, in which international experts carry out the set tasks, defined in a Terms of Reference. This paper gives a brief overview of SC B4, which operates in the area of HVDC and Power Electronics, and whose activities therefore may be of interest to EPE. The paper concludes with a brief description of the present state of the art in the field of HVDC and equipment in the area of Flexible AC Transmission (FACTS), and some of the developments which are taking place in this areas.