Dynamical and static models of the traction system of an automatic subway
05/09/2013 14:00 | Durée 00:13:12

Intervenants : Clément Mayet , Siemens SAS - France .  

The aim of this paper is to compare different models of an automatic subway in order to determine the most appropriate of them for the evaluation of the energy consumption of different studied cases (normal mode and fault-modes). Several simplified models are then deduced from a reference dynamical model and are compared in term of accuracy and computation time. A quasi-static model with an equivalent single wheel is obtained and allows the reduction of the computation cycle by 708 compared to the dynamical model by keeping accuracy on the energy consumption of more than 99.3 % for a normal operating mode. By contrast, this model is not able to simulate correctly the system in fault-modes. This case requires a more complex model taking into account all the drives. Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR) is used to organize the different models.