Vehicle-to-grid systems for frequency regulation in an islanded danish distribution network
02/09/2010 17:00 | Durée 00:11:44

Intervenants : J. Pillai , Aalborg University, Denmark .  

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant attention in the recent years due to their prospects in reducing greenhouse gas emissions benefitting the transportation sector directly and the electricity sector indirectly. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems using the battery storages of electric vehicles could provide power system ancillary services in the form of power balancing reserves to support the large-scale integration of variable renewable energy sources like wind power. This paper investigates the dynamic frequency response of an islanded Danish distribution system operation with large amount of wind power supported by the Vehicle-to-grid systems. The power system simulations are analysed for scenarios with 48% and 65% of wind power penetration. The simulation results show that the V2G systems provide a faster and stable frequency control than the conventional generation units. V2G systems can be considered as a flexible solution for frequency regulation in future electric power systems.