How to relax a person with songs choosed by BCI?
04/04/2011 19:00 | Durée 00:05:40

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Posté par : Tarby Jean-Claude
Réalisateur : Tarby Jean-Claude

This video shows how to relax a person with music based on her/his emotional state through BCI. How it works? 1. The BCI EPOC headset picks up the brainwaves of the user. 2. From these brainwaves, the headset provides an emotional profile of the user. 3. Then our application uses this emotional profile to get music appropriate for the user to relax. The choice of music is based on a musical profile that the user creates according to his context (at work, at home,...). In this video, the user is tense at the beginning (because of the demonstration :-) ). Then with our application, the user relaxes gradually. At the end of the end, we show that if the user is upset, then the music changes again.