Collection / Bio-Inspired Computing and Architectures Workshop

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14/12/2012 09:00 | Durée : 01:46:09
Intervenants : Alain CappySteve FurberSimon Thorpe
Spike-based Learning in Biological and Artificial Neural Networks Simon Thorpe (CerCo (Brain and Cognition Research Center) & SpikeNet Technology SARL, Toulouse, France) Abstract: I will argue that Spike-Time Dependent Plascity mechanisms (STDP) ...
14/12/2012 11:00 | Durée : 01:19:59
Intervenants : Rodolphe HéliotJacques-Oliver Klein
Neuromorphic accelerators for computing Rodolphe Héliot (Research scientist at CEA-LETI, Saclay, France) Abstract: Because of power and reliability issues, computer architects are forced to explore new types of architectures, such as heterogeneous...
14/12/2012 14:00 | Durée : 00:39:20
Intervenants : Damien Querlioz
Nanodevices provide fantastic opportunities for electronics, as they can be fast, low power and provide novel functions like memristivity. They however come with challenges, like variability and unpredictability, which can be intrinsic features due ...
14/12/2012 15:00 | Durée : 00:38:31
Intervenants : Julie Grollier
Memristors are nanometer size non-volatile tunable resistances. The resistance state of these devices can be changed by varying the voltage or the current across the structure. Depending on the memristor type, the resistive switching effects can be...
14/12/2012 16:00 | Durée : 00:51:55
Intervenants : Alfonso Jaramillo
The computational design of RNA interactions allows for the programming of complex information processing devices in bacteria. For this, we use evolutionary computation algorithms that automatically optimize the RNA sequences by minimizing the energ...